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THMB is an attachment for any generic speedloader, to help load your GBB / NBB magazines quickly without sacrificing your thumbs fingernail. It comes with 3 inserts: normal, long, angled.

The Extended Mag Catch for Kriss Vector makes swapping magazines as easy as for every other gun.
Once the lever made from sturdy nylon is installed on the right side of the replica, it can be used to operate the mag catch located at the front by pulling instead of pushing it.


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Maraudr_co THMB

The THMB is an attachment for any generic speedloader, to help load your GBB / NBB magazines quickly without sacrificing your thumbs fingernail. It comes with 3 inserts: normal, long, angled.


1. Install the Insert
Push the smaller slanted "nail" piece into the designated cut out of the THMB. Make sure that it sits nice and flush, otherwise it will prevent the frame to successfully attach to your speedloader.
2. Attach the THMB to your Speedloader
Line the hole of the THMB up with the nozzle of your speedloader, then push it down until it sits flush with it. make sure it is secure in place by wiggling it and checking if the "nail" piece is sticking out as visible on the picture above (2).
3. Start loading better.
With your Maraudr Co THMB attached, you will never have to worry about your thumbnails again when loading GBB magazines. Simply use the small triangular piece to pull back the mag follower (while holding the magazine downwards, so that you will be pushing away from you) and start loading!
If you encounter problems loading BBs into your magazine with the "•" variant of the "nail" piece, try the longer "••" or the angled "•••" variant.



- Phillips Head Screwdriver
- M3 Hex key
- M2.5 Hex key (Included)
- M1.5 Hex key
- Mag Catch Spring Setter (Included)
- Some Tape
__WARNING: This will void your warranty.__


Remove / Cut the Krytac Logo sticker as well as the sticker placed over the Philips head screw located in the pin on the bottom (It has already been removed in the picture).

STEP 1: seperate upper from lower

The Krytac Kriss Vector is notorious for its hardly accessible gearbox.
Remove all 3 Pins marked in red.
When removing the 4th “Pin” (The one secured by a Philips head screw, marked in purple), be careful to secure the lower metal part (The Spring Quick Change System): It is under spring tension and can pack quite a punch.
Remove the Lower from the upper by pulling the two apart.

STEP 2: Unscrew The Gearbox & Barrel Assembly from the lower body

Place the Upper and Spring guide & Spring to your side, and put the Pins and screws into a secure place.

Remove the 3 screws on each side marked in green with your M3 Hex key, as well as the 4 screws marked in Orange with your M2.5 Hex key (Lift the fake bolt release off with all screws still in their holes for extra points).
Remove the Philips head Screw (Marked in Purple) that is securing the spring of the bolt-lever.

Once you have removed all 11 Screws, pull the gearbox & barrel assembly out of the lower body.

STEP 3: Removing the Mag Catch Button

Use your M1.5 Hex key to remove the screws of the button screwed into the magazine catch of your replica.

STEP 4: Removing the Magazine Catch

Depress the magazine catch Just enough that you can wedge the Magazine Spring Setter into the depression of the spring.

Use your index finger to push the Mag Catch Spring Setter down to tension the spring even further.

Push the magazine catch into the other direction. The upper end of the spring should now be aligned with the hole in the magazine catch. If it is not, push the magazine catch slightly back to the left until it is.

Pull the Spring Setter slightly to remove the spring from its depression. You should now be able to slide the magazine catch out towards the right side.

STEP 5: Installing the Extended Mag Catch

Slide the extended mag catch into the hole from the right side. You may have to pull a bit on the spring setter for it to pass the spring.
Let the spring fall into the depression in the extended mag catch, then remove the Spring Setter.
Use a small bit of tape to temporarily secure the elongated lever on the outside of the lower body.

STEP 6: Re-Assembly

Complete Steps 1-3 in reverse. Screw the Magazine Catch Button into the Extended Magazine Catch, push and screw the Gearbox and barrel assembly back into the lower body (don’t forget the Philips head screw tensioning the bolt-lever), and reattach the lower to the upper.

STEP 7: Securing the Lever

Unscrew the middle screw on the right side, and replace it with the screw and pivot piece.
Remove the tape.

CONGRATS! You have finished the installation of the Extended Mag Catch. It’s been a long way, but you’ve made it: get yourself something to drink, and afterwards, sweat it out on the field; you can now change magazines faster than ever before.


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